Bag It! FREE

Bag It! FREE 2.10

Bags of puzzle fun at the grocery store

Bag It! FREE is a varied and compelling puzzle game starring ordinary groceries! View full description


  • Fun puzzles
  • Varied levels
  • Simple to play
  • Different game modes


  • You can't return items to the conveyor belt
  • Unspectacular graphics

Very good

Bag It! FREE is a varied and compelling puzzle game starring ordinary groceries!

What makes Bag It! a unique puzzle game?

Mobile app stores are choc full of the same old type of puzzle games based around popular formats (Candy Crush, Tetris, Bejeweled, etc.) So it's refreshing to see a game come along with a completely new format which is equally as gripping as these classic, yet tired, game formats.

Bag It! FREE is full of different game modes and levels. Although it doesn't boast as many as the full version of Bag It! you can play 12 Classic, four Rampage, 4 puzzle, and 4 fizzy levels in Bag It FREE!

Classic levels are based around fitting grocery items in a shopping bag by positioning them properly; Rampage levels are based around crushing items in your bag; Puzzle is about completing shopping bags without breaking an item; and Fizzy is about making sure the soda bottle doesn't explode.

All of the different puzzle types are great fun, and there's enough variety in there to make sure you don't get bored. There's even a Blitz mode, where you can challenge your Facebook friends at playing Bag It! FREE.

How to play Bag It!

Like most great puzzle games, Bag It! is wonderfully simple to play. You can drag items around the bag with your finger, and rotate them by holding your finger on a product and tapping elsewhere on the screen with your other finger.

Bag It! FREE comes with interactive tutorials that explain what to do as you play, so the game is very easy to pick up, so even young kids can master the game quickly.

How does it look?

The cartoon-style graphics in Bag It! FREE are nothing ground-breaking (other than the fact they represent cartoon OJ cartons, egg boxes and soda pop bottles, of course!) but they are bright and colorful and add to the fun mood of the game. The music is repetitive but harmless and inoffensive.

The verdict

Bag It! FREE delivers a lot of puzzle fun in a neatly-wrapped package. Much more fun than a trip to the grocery store!

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Bag It! FREE


Bag It! FREE 2.10

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